Expert Support and Training

Holmes Environmental Ltd has provided expert witness support at planning inquiries and in technical environmental aspects of legal disputes and insurance claims. The Company has considerable practical experience of the design and implementation of environmental awareness programmes in industry in the UK. The Company has been in the team delivering a two-year Environmental Site Assessment capacity building programme to environmental professionals in post-war Iraq. The Company also provided support up to the beginning of 2010 in the evaluation of applicable remediation technologies to the clean-up of oil-contaminated soil and sediment in Ogoniland in the Niger Delta in Nigeria on behalf of UNEP. Examples include the provision of technical support to:

  • one of the former joint venture partners in a de-merger dispute concerning environmental contamination at two large chemical plants in the UK
  • the general liability insurer in a claim related to dioxin contamination allegedly associated with the Coalite Chemicals plant in the UKĀ 
  • the landowner in challenging the dig and dump clean-up philosophy and valuation applied by the local authority to a large tract of prime inner city brownfield land
  • the appellants in waste related public planning inquiries in Berkshire, the Isle of Man and the Isles of Scilly