Waste Management Services

YearClientDescription of Project
2005-2007 & 2010Oxfordshire CCActing for Oxfordshire County Council in reviewing and responding to a ‘Cost Pass Through’ claim submitted by a contracted landfill operator for unexpected costs accrued over a 10-year period in the operation of a landfill between 1994 and 2004. Carried out a similar task related to the claim for the period September 2004-2008.
2006-2008DNV Certification ServicesMember of the DNV audit team certifying more than 30 sites of the waste management company Veolia Environmental Services to the ISO standards 9001 and 14001. The types of facilities audited include an Energy from Waste plant, a hazardous waste incinerator, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, waste recycling centres and transportation depots.
2000-2005Oxfordshire CCDevelopment and annual implementation of a Best Value performance audit of Oxfordshire County Council’s contracted landfill service

A Landfill Performance methodology has been produced on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council’s Waste Management Group to enable them to demonstrate Best Value for the landfill service provided at four landfills by three major national waste management companies. The 2005 programme is the 6th consecutive year of running the audit. The methodology focuses on compliance with the requirements of operators’ permits, licences, permissions and working plans. The methodology uses the Audit and Agenda Modules of the environmental information management system E Quest to create reports. Individual Operator Reports are prepared for each site and Audit Findings Meetings of involved parties are convened each year 2000 and 2005 at which non-compliances and observations are presented and discussed and action plans are agreed.
2003-2005Oxfordshire CCDevelopment and implementation of a Best Value performance audit of Oxfordshire County Council’s 8 waste recycling centres

Devised a methodology for use by the Environmental Services section of Oxfordshire County Council to routinely audit the operational performance of the County’s eight Waste Recycling Centres. Baseline assessment reports were produced and the findings for each were reviewed with each of the site operators. The methodology focuses on compliance with the requirements of industry good practice and good health & safety management. The methodology uses an Off-Line Audit tool developed in collaboration with the Dutch IT company Eco Systems.
1985-2003VariousExpert Witness Experience

Acted as an expert witness in public inquiries and as a technical expert to ensure the withdrawal of planning appeals:

- Pitsea Landfill public inquiry (1976)

- Isle of Man refuse incinerator (1990-1991)

- Lodden Valley landfill extension (1991-1992)

- Isles of Scilly landfill for Duchy of Cornwall (1990-1991)
2000-2005Peter Norris HaulageApplication for a Transfer Station Waste Management Licence, EA negotiations and Working Plan update

Applied for a new waste management licence (issued mid-2000) for an existing licensed waste transfer station in Kent following the EA Library of Conditions approach. Involved a risk assessment and the writing of operating procedures and the Working Plan.Carried out a performance audit of site operations in late-2004. Other 2004-5 activities have included the updating the Working Plan, commissioning a noise survey and negotiating redefined acceptable waste types with the Environment Agency.
2001-2002Integrated SkillsPreparation of Terms of Reference for Bid Documents for the closure of 3 landfills in Malta & Gozo

Acted as technical specialist for the preparation of contract documentation and terms of reference for conducting site investigations and risk assessments, and developing remediation and restoration plans for three waste landfill sites on the Islands of Malta and Gozo. Undertaken for the Ministry for the Environment, Malta.
2001-2002GVH EnvironmentalLow Cost Domestic Refuse Incinerator for Developing Countries

Support was Acquired the necessary regulatory clearance to operate a test rig at EMC, Stoke Orchard for the Low Cost Incinerator, a DFID-sponsored project that will provide a new technology for use in waste management in developing countries. Exemptions to LAPC from the local borough council and permitted development agreement from the county planning department were successfully negotiated. Pre-sorting of household waste was carried out at a licensed MRF off-site and exemption was obtained from the EA for temporary on-site storage of pre-sorted waste.
2002Integrated SkillsPreparation of Terms of Reference for Projects related to the Development of Latvia’s Hazardous Waste Management Programme

Preparation of Terms of Reference for three hazardous waste management landfill projects to be financed by the European Commission, including the specifications for landfill construction and supervision thereof. Undertaken for the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.